Illinois Write-in Presidential Totals for Declared Write-in Candidates Released

Illinois finished its official vote tally on December 3. The number of write-ins for declared write-in presidential candidates had not previously been available. For the candidates who were on the ballot in at least one state, these are the Illinois write-in totals: Virgil Goode 415, Rocky Anderson 185, Jill Reed 131, Tom Hoefling 25, Jerry White 12.


Illinois Write-in Presidential Totals for Declared Write-in Candidates Released — 8 Comments

  1. New York write-ins were posted online today –

    Anderson 179, Hoefling 32, Durham 27, Harris 26, White 17, Reed 10, Miller 6 Also the ballot candidates picked up additional votes (bar Goode and Lindsay who lost some!)

    So that leaves California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia to post their final results. Hopefully they’ll manage to do so before the Electoral College meets!

  2. Andrew: WV needs to hurry it up, I voted for basically all write-ins here and i have no clue how any of them did lol

  3. My apologies to Minnesota they have posted their full reults but also kept the unofficial figure up!

    Their ballot candidates figures are unchanged but their write-ins are as follows – Barr 46, Prokopich 35, Hoefling 14, Reed 8 and Barnett 4 and Christensen 1

  4. Nebraska also seems to have certified – but I can’t find any official figures. Are we to assume the posted unofficial figure was unchanged?

    West Virginia has a map showing the counties and they’ve all been official bar one (Marshall) for a few days. After a few days down they are now posting an official result from 54 counties but without write-ins.

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