By End of Day on Friday, December 14, All Presidential Votes Should be Known Except for Write-ins in Certain States

The only states that have not finished tabulating the vote for president, at least for candidates on the ballot, are California and West Virginia, but both expect to release final figures by the end of the day, December 14. West Virginia would have been finished earlier except that Marshall County’s final tally is still incomplete.

However, write-ins remain to be tallied in some states. For example, Massachusetts says it won’t have the write-in tallies for the declared write-in presidential candidates until mid-January.


By End of Day on Friday, December 14, All Presidential Votes Should be Known Except for Write-ins in Certain States — 8 Comments

  1. I wish some of these states that are lax in counting write-ins would let outsiders tabulate them. I guarantee I and a few volunteers could accurately tabulate PA’s write-ins, for example, and save the state the expense. Hell, I’d be honoured to do it. Every vote should count.

  2. It’s ironic that states are supposedly so interested in maximizing voter turnout with things such as same day registration and various other ideas to get lazy, uninformed voters to the polls and then they turn around and restrict their choices with difficult ballot access for non-Ds and Rs and finish counting ALL the votes whenever they get around to it. Swell!

  3. End registrations 28 days before each election using only snail mail paper ballots.

    Oregon survives — with fewer flu epidemics — due to hot/cold voters at packed polling places on election days.

  4. Every state should have registration up to and including at the polls on election day, and allow all felons to vote (including while serving time in prison, as Maine and Vermont do). Allow petitioning outside as well as inside polling places. Not just good ideas – they should be the law.

  5. California write-ins:

    Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 21,461 0.16%
    Rocky Anderson/Luis Rodriguez 992 0.01%
    Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer 503 0.00%
    Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza 82 0.00%
    Jerry White/Phyllis Scherrer 79 0.00%
    James Harris/Alyson Kennedy 72 0.00%
    Stephen Durham/Christina López 54 0.00%
    Samm Tittle/Matt Turner 6 0.00%

  6. Ron Paul actually did better than four years ago. It appears not all Ron Paul supporters agreed that Gary Johnson was all that much better than Bob Barr after all.

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