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Bob Auerbach, Long-Time Maryland Advocate for Ballot Access Reforms, Killed by Car at the Age of 92

Published on December 14, 2012, by in General.

On December 12, Bob Auerbach of the Maryland Green Party, age 92, was killed when a car struck him. See this story about the accident. See this story from just three months ago, describing his decades of activism and noting that he was a Green Party congressional candidate this year.

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  1. A life lived to the end fighting for one’s beliefs is a life well lived. RIP.

  2. Rob

    RIP. A good man who waged the good fight. He will be missed.

  3. Such sad news. Bob was a long time member of the Socialist Party and I had the privledge of meeting him at several conventions. Condolences to his daughter Hopi and the rest of his family

  4. Bob was a great guy, and lived his beliefs. His home was in Greenbelt, Maryland, which was formed as a community to represent the finest ideals. Bob worked for many years as a librarian for the University of the District of Columbia. I will always remember Bob’s “toothpick theory” – that if you bundle a bunch of toothpicks together you can’t snap them as you can individually. Therefore, Bob was a strong advocate of unified action.

  5. Jeremy C. Young

    I am very sorry to hear about this. I met Bob Auerbach when my small third-party-boosting college club, the St. Mary’s College Nonpartisans, endorsed him for a Congressional race back in 2004. Despite his advanced age, Auerbach traveled two hours to our remote campus to accept the endorsement in person. He gave a rousing speech that inspired us to keep fighting for voter choice. As a lonely voice campaigning tirelessly for American freedom, Auerbach touched a lot of people; he will be missed.

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