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Socialist Workers Party Nominates Candidate for Special U.S. House Election in Chicago

Published on December 15, 2012, by in General.

The Socialist Workers Party has nominated John Hawkins for U.S. House, in the Illinois 2nd district, which is having a special election in April 2013. Hawkins’ announcement did not say if he will attempt to obtain a place on the ballot. The law requires a petition signed by 5% of the last vote cast.

8 Responses

  1. johnO

    Wow! Not just the D’s.

  2. Jed Siple

    I can almost guarantee he’ll be a write-in candidate. And if no other minor party candidates enter the race, he has my endorsement.

  3. Guest

    Marcus Lewis, an independent who ran in the 2012 election and got 38,733 votes or 13.5% is also running in the special election.

  4. johnO

    Marcus Lewis probably be better off as Green, Socialist, or if Illinois had a Working Family Party. That district has left leaning politics. Being independent may not help him. Not enough R’s. or Libertarians. Plenty of D’s though.

  5. John Killian

    John Hawkins was the Socialist Workers Party candidate for Mayor of Birmingham, AL in 1991. Reckon this is the same one?

  6. Does getting on the ballot with one signature if no one challenges it still work?

  7. Richard Winger

    #6, yes, it still works.
    #5, very likely it is the same John Hawkins. The SWP activist-candidates are generally very loyal to the party and spend lifetimes in the party and are generally willing to move to different states to help the party.

  8. Well, then, all sorts of parties and independents should at least try.

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