Libertarian Nominee for U.S. House Almost Carries Kansas City, Kansas

At last month’s election, the only two candidates on the ballot for U.S. House, Kansas 3rd district, were Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder and Libertarian nominee Joel Balam. The district includes Wyandotte County, Kansas, which contains Kansas City, Kansas. In Wyandotte County, Balam polled 18,589 votes, and Yoder received 19,853 votes.

In the district as a whole, Balam received 92,675 votes, whereas Yoder received 201,087. Balam’s share of the vote in the district, 31.5%, is the best showing by a Libertarian for U.S. House in the party’s history. Here is Balam’s web page. He appears to have active involvement with veterans groups, and a church group. His mother was Hispanic and some of the content on the web page is in Spanish.


Libertarian Nominee for U.S. House Almost Carries Kansas City, Kansas — 5 Comments

  1. How many seconds until the EVIL Donkey / Elephant gerrymander Darth Vader oligarchs STRIKE BACK against ALL 3rd party and independent folks ???

    See the Star Wars movies series.

    What New Age lawyer is the SW Luke Skywalker to destroy the EVIL Empire ???

  2. Introduce the Double Preference Vote. Have voters vote for both a major party and a minor party!!

  3. How much of Kansas City is now a de facto ghetto — with the ghetto voters voting for the LP candidate since there was no Donkey candidate ???

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