One Ohio Legislative Race Still Unsettled After Recount

The election returns are still disputed in one Ohio legislative race. The original count, for State House, 98th district, showed Al Landis, the Republican nominee, defeating Joshua O’Farrell, the Democratic nominee, by 14 votes. After a recount the margin was 8 votes. O’Farrell has asked the State Supreme Court to rule that the results are invalid. His brief identifies many areas of dispute. One example is that one of the two counties in the district accepted absentee ballots in which the voter left the “birthdate” question blank, but rejected absentee ballots when the voter absent-mindedly put “2012” as his or her year of birth, instead of the actual year of birth. See the brief here. Thanks to Moritz Election Law for the link. The case in the Ohio Supreme Court is O’Farrell v Landis, 12-2151, filed December 24, 2012.


One Ohio Legislative Race Still Unsettled After Recount — 1 Comment

  1. P.R. in all legislative bodies.

    Very highly UN-likely for any *close* math.

    Party Seats = Party Votes x Total Seats / Total Votes

    High tech 3rd grade math — with a small bit of algebra.

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