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New York State Posts Final 2012 Election Returns Tally; Presidential Vote Increases by 400,332 Votes

Published on December 31, 2012, by in General.

On December 31, the New York State Board of Elections posted the official November 2012 election returns. The final tally includes 400,332 votes that had not been counted when the state posted its tentative returns several weeks ago.

These tickets gained the following number of votes, compared to the tentative tally: Democratic 305,843; Republican 77,769; Working Families 6,587; Conservative 5,864; Green 2,030; Libertarian 1,892; Constitution 164; Party for Socialism and Liberation 137; declared write-in candidates up 46.

The new presidential totals in New York state are: Obama 4,471,871 (including 147,643 Working Families votes); Romney 2,485,432 (including 262,035 Conservative votes); Johnson 47,092; Stein 39,856; Goode 6,270; Lindsay 2,039; Rocky Anderson 212 (Justice); Stephen Durham 34 (Freedom Socialist); Tom Hoefling 34 (America’s Independent Party); James Harris 26 (Socialist Workers); Jerry White 19 (Socialist Equality); Jill Reed 12 (Twelve Visions); Merlin Miller 6 (American Third Position). See here for the New York State Board of Elections official returns.

David Wasserman’s election returns tally has already been adjusted to reflect the New York returns. See here. He shows these national presidential percentages: Obama 51.06%; Romney 47.21%; all others 1.73%. He shows the number of votes cast for President in 2012 is 129,066,357, which is a lower figure than his 2008 figure of 131,313,820. Wasserman also shows that Hawaii’s returns still aren’t final and official.

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  1. Arthur C. Barker

    Richard, please send up a flare when the final Final results are in. Thank you.

  2. So Romney got the votes of the 47% even after what he said about them.

  3. Demo Rep

    51.06 percent = 100 percent in the LOOTER brains

    Fiscal cliff machinations being done as this is written.

    Next super crisis – ANY increase in the national debt — i.e. the econ Red Ink Hole (apologies to astro black holes).
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

    Abolish the timebombs Senate, E.C. and Prez Veto — all due to monarchs/oligarchs in the top secret 1787 Fed. Convention — i.e. *compromises* from political Hell.

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