Presidential Vote Totals

Because New York State released its official November 2012 vote tally, the presidential results are virtually complete. Totals appear to be: Barack Obama 65,899,557; Mitt Romney 60,931,959; Gary Johnson 1,275,559; Jill Stein 466,877; Virgil Goode 122,106; Roseanne Barr 67,349; Rocky Anderson 42,518; Tom Hoefling 40,113; Randall Terry 13,104; Richard Duncan 12,543; Peta Lindsay and her stand-in Gloria LaRiva 9,300; Chuck Baldwin 5,017; Will Christensen 4,453; Stewart Alexander 4,430; Tom Stevens 4,302; James Harris 4,116; Jim Carlson 3,149; Jill Reed 2,916; Merlin Miller 2,715; Samm Tittle 2,571; Jerry White 1,279; Dean Morstad 1,093; Jerry Litzel 1,027; Jeffrey Boss 1,024; Barbara Washer 1,016; Andre Barnett 938; Jack Fellure 518. The Freedom Socialist candidate, Stephen Durham, wasn’t on the ballot anywhere but received 115 write-ins.

This list includes everyone who was on the ballot in at least one state. There were other individuals besides Stephen Durham who weren’t on the ballot in any state but who filed for write-in status in some states, but their vote has not been tabulated here.

By the evening of January 1, 2013, the December 1, 2012 print edition of Ballot Access News will probably be posted here, and even though normally past print issues are not updated, in this case, that issue will be updated to include the vote for president by state for each candidate.


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  1. I think one of the biggest things that surprised me this year was the incredible increase in votes for the Objectivist party. I believe he was listed first on the Ballot in Florida if i’m not mistaken, which goes to show the importance of ballot position in elections.

  2. The Objectivist presidential candidate was listed third on the Florida ballot, just after Romney and Obama. That’s because, of the parties that didn’t have 5% of the registration, the Objectivist Party filed its presidential electors before any other party.

  3. All folks should complain to your gerrymander MONSTERS in the Congress.

    The data should be in House Document 1 of each Congress published immediately on Jan 3 after each Fed election — i.e. by LAW — ORDER the State party hacks to officially and immediately report the data to D.C.

    The 2012 data will NOT likely be in an *official* U.S.A. govt publication until the FEC and House Clerk makes an effort until circa June-July 2013.

    I.E. the U.S.A. is in a STONE AGE regarding BASIC info stuff.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  4. But he was neither a candidate, nor was he on the ballot in any state in November. It just shows how complex the whole matter is of compiling the vote for president!

  5. I wasn’t sure if I should add in the Alabama write-in totals or not, since my only source was a poster on this site lol.

  6. If there are NOT human 12th Amdt ECV Electors are on a list, then candidates with NO such lists are like voting for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck — bogus votes which should NOT be counted.

    Abolish the EVIL INSANE ECV mess — one more EVIL mess inherited from now ancient history — due to EVIL rotten *compromises* about basic stuff.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  7. What I found interesting about the results is that Louis House, who was only on the write-in list for Kentucky, running with his wife as vice-president, only received one vote. That means either the presidential candidate or the vice-presidential candidate didn’t vote for themself.

  8. T.J. O’Hara was an independent write-in candidate in four states, three of which have released write-in totals. He got endorsed by the Modern Whig Party, but got only 1 vote in the whole country!

    Even Raymond Sizemore, the Connecticut presidential candidate who was ineligible for the office since he was 17 years old on election day (per an article in the Connecticut Post), got more write-in votes in his home state: 5.

    Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and Hillary Clinton got a surprising number of votes despite no longer seeking the office.

    The once-prominent Reform and Prohibition parties are hanging on the edge with miniscule votes due in part to poor ballot access.

    I’m glad Johnson and Stein did so well.

  9. Richard, have Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, or Alaska released their write-in totals yet? I’d like to see them if they have.

  10. We won’t get any write-in totals in Vermont unless someone voluteers to go to Montpelier and go through the certifications filed by each of the town clerks. I am disappointed that no one seems to have stepped forward to do that. The elections director says she will put the results on the state stationery so that books that print the national results will include such votes.

    Alaska, Washington, and Oregon are like D.C…they will never tally the votes. That is why the Libertarian Party’s case about this (from DC in 2008) is so important. COFOE has emptied its bank account to pay for the cert petition. I hope people who care about this will contribute to COFOE. Make the check out to COFOE and send it to PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147. Thank you.

  11. I wonder how many write in votes Ron Paul received across the nation for this election.

  12. #9 Kevin: While the Reform Party, like all non-major parties, has its issues with ballot access, their real problem has been their loss of actual supporters. After the 1996 presidential election, in which they won 8% of the vote (over 8 million votes), the Reform Party had automatic ballot access for all offices in 28 states (and partial access in an additional 4 states). But they didn’t succeed in building from there.

    If there were still 8 million people who wanted to vote for the Reform Party, I’m sure they would be able to get ballot access nationwide again. But times have changed.

  13. #12

    According to the Green Papers, he received 25,487 votes nationwide, but that includes only states where he was a certified write-in candidate. A lot of people’s write-in votes for him were probably thrown out because he wasn’t a certified write-in candidate in their state.

  14. Congrats to the useless Objectivist party for their vote increase. But as I’ve said before, the OP really needs to die and merge with the LP. The LP has the structure, the money, and the support that the OP doesn’t have. Any progress the OP makes siphons away libertarian leaning votes. So Objectivists, while I admire your goals and hold several of your same values, you need to JOIN THE LP and stop wasting your time, effort, and money and splitting the vote.

  15. Number 11 and others–I got an email back from Vermont saying the same thing about volunteers needed to add up the votes. They also said they will add up the votes themselves only if it looks like the write-in candidate might win.

  16. #6 The poster who gave Alabama write-in totals was me! Please note that you can do the same job yourself if you go to the state SOS website. You will soon discover certain difficulties since the Counties vary sharply in their method of tabulation and in the legibility of their returns. I posted merely to give an impression of the write-in returns and I suppose its better than the official tally which gives no idea at all who the scattered votes went to. I lay no claims to being 100% correct however – in fact I’m absolutely certain that I’m not!

    Incidentally I can only think of Sweden as another nation running the write-in system and they manage to count every write-in within a couple of days of the election (though if you only get one vote you will get lumped in with an ‘others’ grouping).

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