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Casper Star-Tribune Lengthy Article on Wyoming Constitution Party

Published on January 2, 2013, by in General.

The Casper Star-Tribune has this article about the Wyoming Constitution Party.

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  1. Casual Bystander

    I would be interested in what Don Wills has to say about this article.

  2. Don Wills

    CB – It is interesting that the social and religious issues that are foundational principles of the Wyoming Constitution Party were not mentioned. See http://wyomingconstitutionparty.com/platform-and-resolutions/

  3. Casual Bystander

    Happy New Year, Don! Best to you and the Country Party in 2013/14!

  4. Dave

    We all ready had a constitutional group there in the Libertarians.

  5. johnO

    Libertarian Party is Pro-Choice. CP is Pro-Life. Plus, CP wouldn’t support gay-marriage or libertine issues.

  6. Dave

    Then the CP does not support the property rights of the individual?

  7. Don Wills

    Dave – no, the Libertarians in Wyoming are generally anarchists, not constitutionalists.

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