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Florida Legislative Session Likely to Focus on Election Law Changes

Published on January 2, 2013, by in General.

According to this story, Florida legislative leaders now acknowledge problems with HB 1355, the 2011 bill that altered many Florida election laws, and expect to revise it. Criticism in Florida has focused on very long lines at the polling places. HB 1355 also added a restriction that parties not recognized as national committees must submit over 100,000 signatures to be on the ballot for President, a law that the Secretary of State has not enforced generally because the Secretary has no official knowledge of which parties are recognized by the FEC as national committeees. However, in 2012, when the Socialist Workers Party stated in writing that it is not recognized by the FEC as a national committee, the Secretary of State kept it off the ballot for President. The article does not discuss this part of HB 1355.

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  1. Demo Rep

    How many *omnibus* election laws in the various regimes since the 2000 FL chaos/disaster ???

    Each election is NEW.
    Equal ballot access requirements.
    ALL snail mail paper ballots.
    Oregon survives.

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