South Carolina Special U.S. House Election to be Held May 7

On January 2, South Carolina set a May 7 date for the special election to fill the vacant U.S. House seat, First District. See this story. That means residents of that district will be without a member of the House for four more months.


South Carolina Special U.S. House Election to be Held May 7 — No Comments

  1. Wonder if CP, LP, Green Party, and Working Family Party will each put a candidate on ballot?

  2. john0, the LP will almost certainly nominated Blandford.

    The Greens probably won’t nominate, and the Working Families will cross-nominate the D nominee.

    No idea about other parties.

  3. Every gerrymander incumbent robot party hack counts.

    Candidate/incumbent rank order lists for replacements.

    NO more very expensive special vacancy elections.

  4. “Human Events” is reporting that former Gov. Mark Sanford AND his former wife Jenny Sanford are both may be running for Republican nomination for CD 1. Given the scandle, that race is about to turn into a Lifetime TV Movie!!

  5. Jenny Sanford should join CP. She can then claim “Family Values” mantra. The General election would really be interesting then rather than just internal Republican mudfest. However, I wonder what her views on “marriage” is now.

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