California Assembly Elections Committee Members Now Known

On January 3, it was revealed that the seven members of the California Assembly Elections Committee will be five Democrats and two Republicans. The chair will again be Assemblyman Paul Fong of Santa Clara County. The other Democrats will be: Raul Bocanegra, from the 39th district in the San Fernando Valley; Rob Bonta, from the 18th district in Oakland; Isadore Hall, from the 64th district in Los Angeles; and Henry T. Perea, from the 31st district in Fresno.

The two Republicans will be: Tim Donnelly, from the 33rd district in San Bernardino County; and Dan Logue, from the 3rd district in Butte County and adjoining counties. If you live in the districts of any of these legislators, you might wish to ask him to introduce a bill restoring write-in space to the general election ballot, or a bill letting any candidate place his or her party on the ballot, or a bill repealing the unconstitutional residency requirement for petition circulators, or a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal the top-two system, or a bill to make it easier for a party to maintain its qualified status, or a bill to lower the number of signatures in lieu of a filing fee. Or anything else that is meaningful to you.


California Assembly Elections Committee Members Now Known — No Comments

  1. Richard:

    Has the State Senate posted the members of its equivalent committee yet? And if they haven’t
    would you let us know when it does.

  2. ALL incumbents love the EVIL ANTI-Democracy systems that put them into POWER.

    Asking robot party hack incumbents to change the system to make it pro-Democracy is like asking Hitler to stop killing Jews in 1942.

    VERY good luck.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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