New York Independence Party Leaned Toward Republican Nominees in 2012

The Independence Party of New York cross-endorsed 99 Republican nominees for U.S. House and state legislature in 2012. It only cross-endorsed 46 Democratic nominees. It only had 6 nominees for U.S. House and legislature combined who weren’t major party nominees.

This is in contrast to the Independence Party’s behavior in 1996, when it was the New York state unit of the Reform Party and nominated Ross Perot for President. In 1996, for U.S. House and legislature together, it cross-endorsed 57 Democrats, and 39 Republicans, and had 47 nominees who weren’t major party nominees.

In 2012, the Independence Party did cross-endorse the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, but that was not a close race. By contrast, many New York legislative races, and a few U.S. House races, were very close, so the Independence Party nomination in those close races was important. The Independence Party ran no presidential nominee in 2012.


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  1. as a county chairperson and Perot 1976 NYS-IPNY elector (POTUS electoral college) I witnessed first hand the rapid purge of any and all grass roots non-affiliated control of IPNY state and county organizations — a massive purge.

  2. As a member of the IPNYC, that is why the New York City Independence Party Organizations went to court to keep some form of local control and in 2012 we kept our local control by electing over 3,500 County Committee members from the five boroughs of New York City.

  3. yes 1996

    In December 1978 two EDS executives working in Tehran are arrested on suspicion of bribery. Bail was set at 12.75 million dollars. When Ross Perot, head of the Dallas-based company hears about it, he decides to get his people out no matter what. While the firm’s lawyers are trying to find a way to pay the bail, he also recruits a team of volunteers from his executives, led by a retired United States Army officer, to break them out by force, if necessary.

    Their well-rehearsed plan to break the two out of jail fails because of a prison transfer, and the team has to figure out another way to rescue their colleagues, culminating in a harrowing overland escape to Turkey. Meanwhile, riots and violence dominate the streets of Tehran more and more each day, culminating in the Iranian Revolution led by Khomeini against the Shah, endangering the other EDS employees as well.

  4. After leaving the Air Force, I spent part of a year joining Perot and his team at pre-sales presentations. Part of my success in my 40+ years of international Information Technology consultancy is my time with Perot.

  5. #6-There was 4 IP Candidates in the 25th, 45th, 55th, and 79th. They all lost. In the 55th, Bilal Malk, came in second.

  6. I think it will always be an interesting historical question as to how much thoese four consecutive fiscal year cash surpluses run by the national government in the late 1990s were the result of Ross Perot’s efforts. I suspect it was a lot. Of course, those surpluses were on a cash basis. Using accrual accounting, they were still massive deficits, like all the other fiscal years have been for a long time.

  7. For a fascinating account about the events referred to in #4 (“natural born citizen party”) above, one should read the book on this topic by a famous contemporary author, Ken Follett. The name of this true story is “On Wings of Eagles.”

  8. Blanket Primary Party needs to file its NYS BOE statement by Jan 15th replacing the prior named non-affiliated voters party. IPNY enrollees will be allowed to participate along with non-enrolleds, GOP, Dem, GP, WFP, and CP in the BPP OTB primaries without the need for any IPNY state executive committee warfare.

  9. This is from the New York Voter Registration form:

    Political party: You must make 1 selection:

    Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence, Green, Other-Write-In, or Do Not Wish to Enroll in a party.

    To vote in a primary election, you must be enrolled in one of these listed parties — except the Independence Party, which permits non-enrolled voters to participate in certain primary elections.

  10. 14
    That is why I thought Fred Thiele was only member of the Independence Party in New York Assembly. I believe he was a Republican several years ago then joined the Independence. So if he changed registration again to have himself classified as Democratic he really had a transformation. However, the Fusion process in New York tends to put Democratic or Republican affiliation first and minor parties next after the candidates name.

  11. 15-Your are correct. He changed to Independence in October 2009. So he had to get a Wilson Pakula to run as a Dem and WFP.

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