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Special U.S. House Election in Missouri Likely in the Spring

Published on January 3, 2013, by in General.

Missouri U.S. House member Jo Ann Emerson, 8th district, was re-elected last November, but she has since said she will resign soon. A special election to fill the vacancy is likely in the spring. Ballot-qualified parties will nominate candidates in this special election by committee meeting. See this story, which describes the Republicans who are already talking to party committee members.

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  1. johnO

    Does Cynthia Davis live in this district? She would be great choice for CP. She ran for Lt. Gov. last year.

  2. Cynthia Davis lives in O’Fallon, which is near St. Louis. I don’t think it’s in the 8th district but I haven’t seen a map of the new US House district boundaries. Of course anyone can run regardless of residence.

  3. PTK

    O’Fallon isn’t in the area, as the 8th district is the southeastern most corner of the state.

  4. Jed Siple

    I think you ought to have to live in the district you’re running in. Just my personal opinion.

  5. Demo Rep

    What is the cost per vote recently in H. Reps. special elections ???

    Const Amdt – Candidate/incumbent rank order lists for replacements. Body to fill vacancy if prior sentence fails.

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