Dr. Robert Fand, Founder of Connecticut Independent Party, Dies

On January 1, 2013, Dr. Robert Fand died. See this obituary for him from the NewsTimes of Danbury, Connecticut. Dr. Fand was the founder of the Independent Party, and the obituary has some information about the party, although the information is incomplete and makes it sound as though the Independent Party was just a party that cross-endorsed lots of Republican nominees.

The Independent Party put Ralph Nader on the Connecticut ballot for President in 2008, and Rocky Anderson on the ballot for President in 2012, and had a full slate of statewide nominees on the ballot in 2010. All of its 2010 statewide nominees were candidates who were not the nominees of any other party, except that the Independence Party cross-endorsed the Green Party nominee for Attorney General. The party was very eclectic. It has qualified status for 2014 for all the statewide offices. As the story says, there was some factionalism in the party, but that factionalism never seemed to interfere with its nomination process. Thanks to Joshua Van Vranken for the link.


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