Oklahoma State Senator Introduces Bill to Vastly Increase Candidate Filing Fees

Oklahoma State Senator Eddie Fields (R-Wynona) has introduced SB 76, which vastly increases candidate filing fees. The fee for U.S. House would rise from $500 to $1,500. The fee for U.S. Senate would rise from $750 to $2,000. For statewide executive offices other than Governor, the fee would increase from $200 to $1,000. For Governor the fee would go from $1,500 to $3,000.

Oklahoma does not have a glut of candidates in its primaries. In 2012, there were no statewide offices up in the primary, but for U.S. House, only one person filed in each party’s primary, in each of the five districts. Thanks to Richard Prawdzienski for this news.


Oklahoma State Senator Introduces Bill to Vastly Increase Candidate Filing Fees — No Comments

  1. Additionally, State House and Senate filing fees have doubled from $200 to $400. Had those fees been in effect in 2010 when I ran for State House, I probably wouldn’t have run. In total, including filing fees, I spent $300 of my own money. $100 short of these new fees.

    What these new fees will do will ensure that even more government seat go uncontested each election. Oklahoma already suffers from a near 50% unchallenged rate. This will simply make it worse.

  2. Do these proposed increased fees in any way reduce petition signature requirements?

  3. @ Casual Bystander,

    These are fees in lue of petitions. This does not effect in any way the petitioning requirements to form a party and gain ballot access.

    However, these increased fees will result in fewer people running as those without external financial backing will be less likely to afford the fees.

  4. Just when you think things in the Peoples Republic of Oklahoma could not get any darker in terms of democracy … But, it’s simply not true that Vladmir Putin wants to run to be Governor there.

  5. Oklahoma’s petition in lieu of filing fee is so tough, no one ever uses it for state or federal office. It is 4% of the number of registered voters in the district or the state. And if the petition falls short, it is useless. It isn’t like the California petition in lieu of filing fee, in which each valid signature reduces the amount of the fee.

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