Thank You to Matt Garsteck, Who Designed the New BAN Logo

The new Ballot Access News logo was designed by Matt Garsteck, and I wish to thank him for his good work, which was pro bono. Also thanks to Julia Kohn and Christina Tobin, who arranged for the work to be done, and to Malcolm Garris and Eric Garris for their part.

If anyone reading this is an expert in WordPress, please contact me at, because there are unresolved problems that an expert could help with.


Thank You to Matt Garsteck, Who Designed the New BAN Logo — No Comments

  1. Sorry – ONLY vote ONE time — NOT 2 check marks ???

    What is the New Age definition of a LEGAL vote in each State after the 2000 Bush v. Gore CHAOS ???

    See the 2002 HAVA Fed law — written for the MORON States like 2000 Florida.

    Any New Age blue-red votes = royal Purple votes ???

    What happened to the OLD X votes in boxes ???

  2. Well then stop your idiotic posting here if you don’t like the new design DumboRep.

  3. The red-and-blue checkmarks suggest to me “You get to vote for Republicans or Democrats.”

    Perhaps that is intentional satire?

  4. How about a logo having John/Mary Q. Citizen (Prefers Ballot Access Party) next to a blank box ???

  5. A red & blue check mark typifies BAN beautifully – it symbolizes the perpetuation of Ds and Rs through plurality votes.

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