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Vermont Presidential Write-ins to be Tallied on Friday, January 11

Published on January 7, 2013, by in General.

On Friday, January 11, a team of three volunteers organized by the Green Party has an appointment with the Vermont Elections Division, to go through the returns from each town and tally up the presidential write-ins. The results will be placed on state stationery so they will be considered “official” and will be included in national vote tallies of the presidential vote.

Pennsylvania still hasn’t tallied its write-ins, but says it will do so, although Pennsylvania state totals are always flawed because some counties refuse to count any write-ins.

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  1. Kevin

    Superb news. I feel all valid candidate writein votes nationwide should be itemized by candidate. It will be fascinating to see how many Vermonters selected Stein, Goode, etc.

  2. Jed Siple


  3. Jed Siple

    Scratch that, Thank you Green Party!

  4. Shack

    Richard, I love the new IPR banner!!! IT”S GREAT!!!!!!

  5. Shack

    Sorry, i meant the new BAN banner :)

  6. Michael

    4 & 5) Ditto on the BANner.

  7. Jed Siple

    Yes, the new logo is awesome.

  8. :-)

    YES! I was afraid nobody would step up to the plate. Good job GP’ers.

  9. Arthur C. Barker

    I take my hat off to the Green Party volunteers. And, Richard, your new banner is absolutely fantastic!

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