Virginia Governor Asks Legislature to Help Ex-Felons Obtain Voting Rights

On January 9, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell delivered his “State of the Commonwealth” speech, and asked the legislature to make restoration of voting rights automatic for ex-felons who have completed their sentence and had not been convicted of a violent crime. See this story. According to the story, The Sentencing Project says there are currently 451,471 ex-felons barred from voting in Virginia. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


Virginia Governor Asks Legislature to Help Ex-Felons Obtain Voting Rights — No Comments

  1. I hope this is successful. I think denying felons voting rights is pretty dumb. Denying them a voice, especially when bills and legislation will directly effect their lives is beyond unjust.

  2. #2, since the Governor’s proposal only covers ex-felons who were convicted of something that was not violent, my opinion for your question is “yes”.

  3. 2 –

    Absolutely! Any American has a second amendment right to organize a well-regulated militia.

    So let’s start the regulation by requiring background checks for all purchases, recording ownership of all firearms in a government database that’s subject to any FOIA requests, regulating the kind of weaponry the militia can own, and requiring annual public militia exercises and mental checks on all militia members.

    It’s 1776 all over again, brother! I’m with you!

  4. How many $$$ TRILLIONS in wiped out savings by the FELONY FRAUD non-violent ROBBERS in the 2006-2013 Great Depression II great mortgage meltdown ???

    ALL so very nice non-violent FELONS — wiping out the life savings of how many peaceful folks ???

    i.e. one more MORON scheme by a usual suspect Guv ??? Duh.
    19 Apr 1775 — ARMED folks, in Militia and NOT in Militia units, counter-attack the attacking Brit Army units in Mass. — attacking on the orders of the Brit King George III TYRANT regime.

    Fighting ALL day long – dawn to dusk.

    Church bells ringing alarms from counties to counties — causing more Militia and non-Militia ARMED folks to show up and kill/wound more Brits.

    Siege of Boston 19 Apr 1775-Mar 1776 – Brits evacuate Boston — NEVER to return in control.

    July 1775 – Mar 1776 Boston siege Commander (of various units of the Continental Congress Army and New England Colony Militias) – Gen. George Washington – Later Commander in Chief – U.S.A. Army –

    — after many, many battles against the Brits with many ARMED American volunteers showing up at life/death moments-

    Saratoga 1777 [result 1778 Military Treaty with France]

    King’s Mountain 1780 [over the mountain men — TOUGH bunch of guys from the West]

    U.S.A.-France VICTORY at Yorktown, VA Oct 1791

    later 1st Prez of the U.S.A. 1789-1797.

    Result — 2nd Amdt – regardless of nonstop MORONS in the U.S.A. since 1789 — especially in SCOTUS since 1936.

  5. typo – U.S.A.-France VICTORY at Yorktown, VA 19 Oct 1781 –

    after a LONG 6.5 years of W-A-R — many young Americans killed in action or from wounds or being left to die in the EVIL Brit prisoner death ships.

    Any folks on this list ever hear about the RESISTANCE in France or the PARTISANS in the old Yugoslavia or the old USSR in WW II ??? — killing as many Hitler nazi troops as possible.

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