Texas Bill for Election-Day Registration

Texas State Representative Eric Johnson (D-Dallas) has introduced HB 464, to let unregistered individuals register to vote on election day. He also introduced HB 465, to repeal the law that requires voters at the polls to show government photo-ID. The law was passed in 2011 but still hasn’t been implemented because a 3-judge U.S. District Court held that it violates the federal Voting Rights Act. See this story.


Texas Bill for Election-Day Registration — No Comments

  1. I wonder what the Republican legislature’s response will be to same day registration. I hope not moronic, but if the past is any indication I am not holding my breath.

  2. So much wasted time and money since we refuse to bring voting into the 21st Century. If we can pay taxes online, sign up for Social Security online, order things online and pay bills online, then why can’t we vote online. And once a voter is identified by SSN and pin, then the onus will be on someone else to prove they are not legitimate. Our political system has got everything backwards — discourage candidates or parties from participating and adult citizens from voting. In addition to eliminating all of this, we could also introduce runoff voting that negates the possible game-playing with IRV. Voters would simply vote each day or every other day until one candidate gets 50% plus 1 of the vote. And for those who don’t want to or can’t vote online, there could be designated places where they could go where judges would cast their vote, similiarly to the way tax people file electronically for clients. Even the media might get excited about reporting the ongoing results from a day’s vote and whether anyone was elected.

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