Republican National Chair Wants Fewer Presidential Primary Debates, Shorter Primary Season

This CNN interview with Reince Priebus says that the Republican Party’s national chair wants fewer presidential primary debates in 2016, at least for Republicans. Also Priebus says he would like the presidential primaries to start later in the year, and finish up sooner. But he doesn’t indicate that he is doing anything to achieve these goals. Presidential primary dates are almost entirely set by state legislatures. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.


Republican National Chair Wants Fewer Presidential Primary Debates, Shorter Primary Season — No Comments

  1. What – perhaps even bigger and better ANTI-Democracy minority rule Elephant gerrymanders ???

    Gee – is the Electoral College and all the Prez nomination stuff all part of one EVIL monarchy / oligarchy mess or what ???

    See the final ROT and fall of the Roman Republic in 120 BC to 27 BC.

    Result — the EVIL death and destruction in the Roman Empire – top LAWLESS elite – rest workers/slaves — for a mere about 500 years.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. The legislatures can’t dictate to the national parties when or how delegates to their national conventions are selected.

    In the past, the national parties have attempted to control state parties by reducing their delegation size. This is pretty ineffective. New Hampshire would still try to hold a first primary, even if they were limited to one delegate, and the candidates would still show up. With proportional allocation of delegates, the candidates are really aiming at the perception of contributors.

    In 2008, the Democrats tried to keep candidates from campaigning in Florida and Michigan, but there was cheating (broadcasting on cable programs, etc.).

    Placement of a major party candidate on the general election ballot in Texas is conditional on the party electing a substantial share of its delegates on the basis of the presidential preference primary Participation in the primary is voluntary. If a party doesn’t want to appear on the general election ballot, they don’t have to have a presidential primary.

    Whether this scheme would hold up in court is another question.

    A State could hold a direct primary. If the parties want to use those votes for selecting delegates, there is nothing the State could do about it. But are the State legislatures, who are filled with party-affiliated legislators, willing to play chicken with the national parties. In 2008, if California had placed the winner of the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton, on the general election ballot, it would likely have cost Obama the election.

  3. The Donkeys had nonstop WAR type machinations in their national conventions in 1968-1988 between the EVIL top robot party hacks and the rank and file.

    Result mostly P.R. delegates.

    Result 1992 — Clinton 1993-2000

    Result 2008 — Obama 2009-2017

    The current top Elephants are E—–V—–I—–L monarchs / oligarchs from the DARK/STONE AGE.
    Abolish primaries, the Electoral College, the Senate and the Prez Veto — before it is too late.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.

  4. The debates are all about who invites the candidates, and who decides to show up. Not much the party can do about that, except browbeat the candidates into a gentleman’s agreement about primary participation.

    If the parties are willing to pay for their own primaries, they should hold them whenever they want. If the taxpayers pay for the primary, it should be up to the state.

    Parties should have the option of whether they want to nominate by primary, convention, or on-line polling. The rules in each case should be set by whoever is paying the bill.

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