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U.S. Supreme Court Sets Conference Date for Two Campaign Finance Cases

Published on January 24, 2013, by in General.

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider on Friday, February 15, whether to hear either one or two campaign finance cases. One is Danielczyk v U.S., 12-579, which challenges the federal law that makes it a criminal offense for a corporation to make any campaign contribution to a federal candidate. The other is McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission, 12-536, which challenges a federal law that say that an individual who wishes to make campaign contributions to many federal candidates cannot give all such candidates a total that is greater than $46,200 in any two-year period. The plaintiff who wishes to give more than $46,200 is Shaun McCutcheon, a resident of Alabama who wishes to contribute to many Republican congressional candidates. Another plaintiff in his case is the Republican National Committee. The lower courts upheld the challenged federal campaign laws.

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  1. Baronscarpiau

    Let’s just make this all simple. I say we just have an auction in November, and let any “Persons,” be they corporate, human, robotic, extraterrestrial, bid for the right to appoint anyone to any office. Deepest pockets win. No ballot challenges, no recounts…just cash on the barrelhead.

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