Slate Article on the Confusing Design of Many U.S. Ballots

Writer Mark Vanhoenacker, who lives in New York state, has this interesting article in Slate about U.S. ballot design, and why so many U.S. ballots are confusing. He compares some U.S. ballots with European ballots, and a sidebar lets readers look at ballots from some other countries.

Many states do have clear ballots. It happens that New York and New Jersey have the poorest ballot design of any states, at least relative to the part of ballots that includes candidates. Thanks to ElectionUpdates for the link.


Slate Article on the Confusing Design of Many U.S. Ballots — No Comments

  1. How many SANE States have the OFFICE BOX ballots in ALL of the States involved ???

    Office – Vote for N

    How many square feet for the old time paper ballots in EVIL States like NJ and NY ??? — modified somehow for New Age voting machines ???

  2. Congress could restrict the November election day to congressional elections only, remove party designations, and require majority election, with a runoff on a common date in early December.

    Voting equipment could be standardized, and voters could use their national ID card for voting.

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