Washington State Bill to Repeal National Popular Vote and Provide that Each U.S. House District Chooses its Own Presidential Elector

Five Washington state representatives have introduced HB 1091, which repeals Washington state’s participation on the National Popular Vote pact, and provides that each U.S. House district choose its own presidential elector. The five sponsors are: Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley), Jason Overstreet (R-Blaine), David Taylor (R-Moxee), Cary Condotta (R-East Wenatchee), and Drew MacEwen (R-Union). Thanks to Christopher Roberts for this news.


Washington State Bill to Repeal National Popular Vote and Provide that Each U.S. House District Chooses its Own Presidential Elector — No Comments

  1. One more EVIL ANTI-Democracy minority rule machination.

    1/2 votes x 1/2 gerrymander areas = 1/4 CONTROL.

    How many gerrymander math MORONS are there on Mother Earth ??? — in addition to all 9 SCOTUS math MORONS.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. This is a very good plan.

    Now, if they would only repeal the evil “top-two” plan for one-party rule.

  3. 1 –

    From the article cited –

    “The Constitution Party therefore encourages states to eliminate the “general ticket” system and return to the procedure intended by the Framers.”

    In fact the Framers chose the EC in the last few days of the convention, mainly as an alternative to having the Congress choose the Executive. Many FF’s thought that was a nifty idea. How about it folks? Wanna follow that “intention?”

    But regardless…yes, yes…indeed. Let’s return to what the Framers intended. But let’s go all in, shall we? Let’s take the vote away from women, nonwhites and anyone who does not own property. And for purposes of allocating Congressional seats, lets count slaves as 3/5 of a person. Don’t have slaves? Many of the Framers “intended” to continue owning them, so we’ll have to find some, and pronto.

    If we really want to return to the electoral college “as the Framers intended,” then we have to return ourselves to the social, economic and technological context in which the EC was created. So, let’s eliminate all forms of electronic media, because among the other reasons the Framers decided to give the election of the Executive over to the state legislatures were the inability to tabulate popular votes promptly and simultaneously in the several states, and a fear that individual voters would vote only for “favorite sons” because they would know little about candidates from outside their own states. In fact, let’s get rid of electricity altogether. The Framers never “intended” for us to have that, after all.

    We should also get rid of virtually every Executive department, since the Framers never intended those, and we should jettison the entire body of agency law in this country, because the Framers would never have approved of that. So…inspect your own meat, conduct your own safety inspections at work, and just hope against hope that the pilot who is flying on your next air trip isn’t snorting coke.

    Oh…and pull your kids out of public schools. Which, it seems to me, has already happened within the Constitution Party, since they apparently opine on the Founding Fathers’ “intent” without bothering to read a little Constitutional history to support their contentions.

  4. Did the EVIL Framers intend to have ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders in ALL 3 Fed election systems —
    H. Reps.
    Senate [Semi-permanent]
    E.C. — combination of H.Reps. and Senate systems.

    If YES, then they were as EVIL as Stalin/Hitler.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. —
    Sorry Political *Science* has advanced since the 1787 DARK AGE.

  5. Washington has 11 electoral votes, how about allocating 3 electoral votes at-large and the remaining 8 electoral votes in 4 districts of 2 Congressional Districts?

  6. #4 Baron,

    Are you suggesting that direct presidential rule will make the trains run on time?

  7. Exactly what is the EVIL fixation with the EVIL math of the EVIL Electoral College ???
    Sorry – CA is NOT equal to the rocks in WY.

    The total votes per E.C. vote are UNEQUAL in all 51 or more gerrymander E.C. election areas.

    A Prez allegedly is Prez of ALL of the *United* States NOT just the robot party hack States which de facto elect him/her — i.e. the about 10 gerrymander so-called *Battleground States*.

    Gee – will such 10 States get ALL of the attention in 2016 ??? Duh.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  8. # 8 The fascist killer tyrant Mussolini allegedly made the trains in Italy run on time — probably with death threats.

    — At least until mid-1943 when the Allies bombed the Hell out of the Italy railroad system during World War II.

  9. 11 –

    Thank you for that information. I knew someone would have the answer to Jim’s question.

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