Americans Elect is No Longer Ballot-Qualified in Florida

The Florida Secretary of State’s webpage no longer lists Americans Elect as a ballot-qualified party. Presumably this is because the state officers told the Secretary of State that the party no longer wishes to be recognized. Because Florida permits a party to be ballot-qualified just by submitting a list of officers and bylaws, any party is free to eliminate itself at any time.

The Socialist Party is no longer listed either.


Americans Elect is No Longer Ballot-Qualified in Florida — No Comments

  1. The Socialist Party requested delisting. The SOS told the Americans Elect Party that they hadn’t filed. The AEP (national office) responded that they were dissolved, and the SOS wrote back (to the Florida state chair) to be sure to file your annual report.

    Florida law requires:

    “Each elector registered to vote in the minor political party in which he or she has so designated has a fundamental right to fully and meaningfully participate in the business and affairs of the minor political party without any monetary encumbrance. The constitution, bylaws, rules, regulations, or other equivalent documents must reflect this fundamental right …”

    The AEP skirted this requirement. Obviously, members of the AEP did not have a meaningful right to participate in the business and affairs of the AEP when it shut down without consultation or consent.

    Florida should replace the “$500 annual expenditures/contributions” definition of limited activity, with “biennial election of state executive committee by convention or mail ballot, including a quorum requirement”, and require a newly recognized party to hold an organizational convention and have 100 registrants.

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