Ninth Circuit to Hear Nevada “None of These Candidates” Case on March 11

The Ninth Circuit will hear Townley v State of Nevada, 12-16881, on March 11 in San Francisco. This is the case that challenges the Nevada state law that puts “none of these candidates” on the ballot for statewide office, yet says even if “none of these candidates” wins, it has no effect. The challengers say that the existing law discriminates against voters who choose “none of these candidates”, because even if their choice wins, nothing happens.


Ninth Circuit to Hear Nevada “None of These Candidates” Case on March 11 — No Comments

  1. ALL folks are allegedly aware of the legal result of their actions.

    i.e. if a MORON votes for notc, then the MORON result is nothing.

  2. The Nevada IAP supports this lawsuit; NOTA is a frivolous, anti-third party option that doesn’t belong on the ballot.

  3. Voters need more choices. So rather then write in Mickey Mouse, None of the Above is a good choice. NOTA is not anti-third party. If you have good candidates out there they will get votes. Maybe all the candidates listed for an office are scumbags, and you want me to vote for one of those scumbags, rather then simply vote for NOTA or just don’t vote all all. Those folks in Carson City could change the law, but we know that won’t happen.

  4. Hello?! NOTA TAKES VOTES AWAY FROM THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES! Independent Americans and Libertarians in Nevada could do, and could garner a lot more votes if NOTA isn’t on the ballot, otherwise, just keep voting for the system, or don’t vote at all -if you really want “none of the above”.

    And those folks in Carson City are doing something about NOTA, hence the lawsuit.

  5. Can NOTA produce a full form birth certificate, I wonder?

    If the sun shines on NOTA, can it produce a shadow presidency?

    How old does NOTA have to be to hold any of several offices?

    Can NOTA be impeached?

    Interesting questions. Worth voting for NOTA just to get the answers.

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