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Three Parties Will Nominate Someone for Special South Carolina U.S. House Race

Published on February 4, 2013, by in General.

South Carolina holds a special election to fill a vacant U.S. House seat, First district, on May 7. Three parties are nominating someone for that election. The Green Party will use a nominating convention on March 9 to choose either Eugene Platt or Larry Carter Center. The Democrats and the Republicans will choose their nominees by primary on March 19. With 16 Republicans running, it is likely the Republicans will also need a run-off primary, on April 2. Overseas and military absentee voters will use primary ballots that let them vote for several candidates and assign a ranking. Thanks to Eugene Platt for this news.

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  1. Smart

    Aren’t the Libertarians running Keith Blandford?

  2. Larry Allred

    Some SC voter needs to file suit to get the same arrangement as the overseas voter, underscoring the relative inferior arrangement in-state voters have.

  3. The full and final list of candidates is here.


    I had heard that the Libertarians were thinking of running someone, but in the end, they did not submit a candidate prior to the deadline.

  4. Casual Bystander

    @3… that is really too bad. Even a “paper candidate” would be better than no candidate.

  5. Eugene is better than a paper candidate. He’s served as a nonpartsan James Island commissioner for 20 years, and ran for this same seat as a Democrat in 1990. He’s getting a bit of media attention already.

  6. Jim Riley

    #2 South Carolina holds its 2nd primary (runoff) two weeks after the 1st primary. The instant runoff only applies to primaries.

    In 2012, only about 1/4 of UOCAVA ballots that were issued were return (134 in time to be counted, and 4 that were late). This suggests that it is really hard to participate in even the first primary.

  7. :-)

    Libertarians Y U NO RUN CANDIDATE

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