Pennsylvania Greens Petition to Get on Ballot for Special Legislative Election

Pennsylvania will hold a special election on May 7, to fill the vacant State House seat, 95th district, in York. In Pennsylvania, parties that polled enough votes in the last election to meet the state’s definition of “political party” nominate by convention and their nominee is put on the ballot automatically.

In November 2012, there had only been two candidates on the ballot, a Democrat who got 16,804 votes, and a Libertarian, David Moser, who got 3,431. According to this story, the Green Party is petitioning to place its nominee, Bill Swartz, on the May 2013 ballot. In November 2012, Greens did not get enough votes in Pennsylvania to enjoy “party” status, but Libertarians did. However, according to the story, the local Libertarian Party has not found anyone to run in the special election. The Green nominee, Swartz, needs 337 valid signatures by early April.

The special election is needed because Representative Eugene DePasquale, who won the seat in November 2012, was simultaneously elected as the state’s Auditor General. Thanks to Andrew Straw for the link.


Pennsylvania Greens Petition to Get on Ballot for Special Legislative Election — No Comments

  1. Come on PA LP. You can nominate a candidate with no sigs, but you’re too busy with stupid infighting to do the political work?

  2. I believe this district is in York County. That is the county LP party organization that carefully screens out prospective members as I recall. Perhaps the York County Libertarian Party/Debating Society & Sewing Circle cannot find an acceptable member to seek the nomination. Good is the enemy of the Perfect!

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