Federal Election Commission Posts Official Presidential Election Returns by State for November 2012

The Federal Election Commission web page has these November 2012 official election returns by state, for all candidates for President. The FEC did a good job, but appears to have missed the write-ins reported by the West Virginia Secretary of State, which were: Virgil Goode 119, Roseanne Barr 31, Rocky Anderson 12, Merlin Miller 11, Tom Hoefling 5, Richard Duncan 1.


Federal Election Commission Posts Official Presidential Election Returns by State for November 2012 — No Comments

  1. Again –
    U.S.A. regime election results should be in House Doc. 1 of each new Congress.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — before it is too late.

  2. Obama was de facto elected by 29.9 (repeat 29.9) percent of the votes in the usual suspect leftwing States.

    Same sort of minority rule math since 1832 (repeat 1832).

    1/2 votes x 1/2 gerrymander areas = 1/4 CONTROL indirectly.

    Much worse in the gerrymander U.S.A. Senate due to many below average small States.

  3. It is interesting that the document records miscellaneous write-in votes.

    You can see the “other vote” in North Carolina: 11,537 votes cast for misc/other.

    Vigil Goode was the only acknowledged write-in candidate, receiving 534 votes.

    The balance must belong to the rest. A high proportion must be Stein’s, I’d guess. She received 1,516 write-ins in Georgia.

  4. Some of my number crunching:

    OK is the only state with 2 candidates on the ballot.

    Median number of Candidates with and without Oklahoma is 8.

    Average Number of candidates with Oklahoma is 7.92

    Average number of candidates without Oklahoma is 8.04

    The next lowest number of candidates after Oklahoma’s 2 is 4 candidates on the HI, MO, SD ballots

    CO came in with the most candidates at 17.

    Total votes cast in CO for all alternative candidates combined: 61,176

    Difference in CO between winner Obama and runner-up Romney: 137,858

    FL came in 2nd with 15 candidates

    Total votes cast in FL for alternative candidates combined: 72,976

    Difference in FL between winner Obama and runner-up Romney: 74,309

    FL is the only state in which a “spoiler effect” even comes close to existing.

    Even in HI, MO and SD, the “Spoiler Effect” doesn’t exist.

    49 states + DC voted for Johnson

    42 States + DC voted for Stein

    38 states voted for Goode

    28 States voted for Anderson

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