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North Dakota Bill to Require Two-Year Residency for Initiative Petitioners Passes Committee

Published on February 24, 2013, by in General.

On February 19, the North Dakota Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 2183. The original bill said that no one who has not lived in North Dakota for three years is permitted to circulate an initiative petition. The Committee amended the bill to two years, and passed the bill. Now it goes to the full Senate.

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  1. Andy

    This is a really bad bill, and it is blatantly unconstitutional.

  2. kent bernbeck

    I sat down w sec state jaeger on friday. He said they took out the requirement for prior voting and was satisfied w the bill. I asked the secretary how he expected to keep the “outsiders” out when ND is drawing such attention to itself w the hostile i&r legislation?

    I explained how NE, MT and SD used ND as an example w the ban on pay per sig. He said he was glad ND was leading in this area.

    I assured him i would visit bismarck again in the future.

  3. North Dakota Secretary of State Jaeger has been very hostile to free elections in the last few years. He formerly was pretty good but then something happened.

  4. Demo Rep

    # 3 GEE – Perhaps some MAJOR PRESSURE from the Elephants in D.C. ?? — i.e. STOP the Donkeys by all means available.

    This AIN’T the bad olde days.

    The MONSTERS are playing their EVIL games to get PERMANENT POWER.

  5. :-)

    >.> <.<

    Well that sucks.

  6. Joshua

    Two years of residency to circulate a petition is still twice as long as the one-year residency requirement to serve in the North Dakota legislature. It will be hard for them to come up with a rational basis why a “newcomer” could be trusted enough to be a state representative or state senator, but not to circulate a petition.

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