Justice Party files Opening Brief in Vermont Supreme Court in Ballot Access Case

Rocky Anderson filed this brief in the Vermont Supreme Court on February 19. The case is Anderson v State of Vermont, 2012-272. The issue is partly the state’s cumbersome signature-checking procedures, and partly the June deadline for petitions for independent presidential candidates to get on the November ballot.

The Vermont Supreme Court is also considering a challenge to the June petition deadline in connection with office other than President. That case is Trudell v Markowitz, 2011-311. That case is ripe for a decision, but it is possible the Court will issue its opinions on both cases simultaneously, since they are somewhat similar.

Anderson did appear on the Vermont ballot in 2012, because a lower court put him on. The Secretary of State had rejected his petition because some of the town clerks didn’t check the petition in a timely fashion.

The Justice Party has been involved in constitutional ballot access litigation in three states, around the 2012 election. Besides this Vermont case, there is the California case that the party won last year (against the January deadline for qualifying a new party), and the Hawaii case that is pending in federal court (also on the issue of the early deadline).


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  1. Richard:

    Could you do a quick run-down on which other minor parties are currently or were in 2012 involved with similar litigation. I know in California the Justice Party was not alone in that case.

  2. Lawsuits over early petition deadlines, filed in connection with the 2012 election, are: 1. Alabama (Constitution, Green, Libertarian); 2. the California case that was won by the Constitution and Justice Parties; 3. Hawaii (Justice, Constitution); 4. Illinois (Libertarian); 5. New Mexico (Constitution); 6. North Carolina (Green, Constitution); 7. Tennessee case on the deadline filed by the Green & Constitution Parties already won on the deadline issue; 8. Vermont, mentioned above.

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