New York Times Story on Proposal to Eliminate Wilson-Pakula Law

The New York Times has this story about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to eliminate the Wilson-Pakula law. The article is badly titled. The name of the article is “A bid to limit each candidate to one ballot line is stirring debate.” Actually the article does not mention one person or group who is advocating eliminating fusion, although the article does quote one political science professor who hints that would be a good idea. Thanks to Richard Grayson for the link.


New York Times Story on Proposal to Eliminate Wilson-Pakula Law — No Comments

  1. The change would not eliminate fusion, It would take away the party leaders from picking who appears on their primary ballot and open it to any candidate, regardless of party, to petition to get on each party’s primary ballot.

    An interesting fact, NY currently is a closed primary state, but the Independence Party allows independent voters to vote in their primaries. So if their primary was opened to any candidate who collected enough signatures, then 2,272,990 votes would be able to take party in state primaries and 752,481 would be able to take part in NYC primaries.

  2. universal primary election for every office in every OTB BPP election

    the failed corrupted IPNY exeriment refuses to be the party UWS/Perot people needed to arrest the systemic corruption of the NYS legislature.

  3. #2-I agree with the frailed state IP but you have to separate that from how the city’s Independence Party works. We have strong local control with over 3,500 county committee members and a 82 member executive committe. As a committee member and on the selection committee, I have interviewed many potential candidates, then helped carry their petitions. In this cycle, we have endorsed Adolfo Carrion, an independent, for NYC Mayor. We will be his grassroots ground game for the November election.

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