New Arizona Registration Tally

Arizona releases a new registration tally every three months. The April 1 data was released on April 19. See the results here. Since the January 1 tally, Republicans have declined in both raw numbers and percentages; the same is true for Democrats. However, all three of the state’s qualified minor parties increased (both in raw numbers and as a percentage), as did independent voters.


New Arizona Registration Tally — No Comments

  1. Here is the Americans Elect Party’s press release:

    ***Secretary of State Ken Bennett Announces that the Arizona Americans Elect Party is STILL the Fastest-Growing Political Party in Arizona, with Over 12% Growth Since the November 2012 Election***

    PHOENIX, Apr. 22 – For the fifth time in the past year, the office of Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has announced the latest Arizona voter count showing that the Arizona Americans Elect Party has remained the fastest-growing political party in the state, increasing its membership by more than 3% in just the three months since January 2013.

    While the new figures show the number of registered Republicans and Democrats declined and the Greens and Libertarians had grown by less than 1% and 2% respectively, the Arizona Americans Elect Party’s membership has grown over 79% since March 2012, when it had 148 members.

    “From 177 registered Americans Elect Party members in last September’s primary, we have increased our number to 266 voters,” said Richard Grayson, Artistic Director of the Arizona Americans Elect Party and Americans Elect Party 2012 candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District. Stephen Dolgos of New River was the 2012 Americans Elect Party candidate in the Eighth Congressional District.

    The Americans Elect Party candidates for Congress from Arizona garnered the fourth highest number of votes in 2012, finishing ahead of the long-established Arizona Green Party.

    “We are planning to run a candidate for Governor and all state and federal offices in 2014, when we are assured of being on the ballot again,” said Grayson, who is also the party’s Acting Supreme Leader. “You too can join the cool new party in town where everyone is welcome.”

    The motto of the party is “Let’s make Arizona less of a shithole.”

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