Virgil Goode is a Co-Plaintiff in Pending Lawsuit in Alabama Over Presidential Qualifications

Virgil Goode, Constitution Party presidential nominee in 2012, is one of two co-plaintiffs in a case now pending in the Alabama Supreme Court that says the Alabama Secretary of State has a duty to examine the qualifications of presidential candidates before printing their names on the ballot. Briefs from both sides have been filed, and the Court will wait for a reply brief and then decide whether to hear the case. It is McInnish v Chapman, 1120465. The lead attorney is Larry Klayman. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.


Virgil Goode is a Co-Plaintiff in Pending Lawsuit in Alabama Over Presidential Qualifications — No Comments

  1. Who determines qualifications for executive offices in the States (and when — before or after the person involved takes office) ???

    See the QUO WARRANTO stuff for centuries – now just one more Civil Action.

    Natural born = AT BIRTH ALLEGIANCE to a regime.

    Naturalized = AFTER BIRTH change in ALLEGIANCE to another regime.

    Dark Age stuff for hundreds of years — due to the feudal allegiance stuff to kings, local nobles, etc.

    Much too difficult for the SCOTUS legal history MORONS to understand ??? Stay tuned.

  2. Recorded at Lordsburg, New Mexico is the document that
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  3. # 2 Perhaps send your paperwork to the USA Senate for them to rule on McCain’s qualifications to be in the Senate ???

  4. Maybe somebody should file a law suit against Virgil Goode and/or the Constitution Party for ripping off several petition circulators in Alabama and some other states.

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