Harmful North Carolina Bill Temporarily Stalled Due to Feuding in North Carolina Legislature

Although the North Carolina legislature is controlled by Republican majorities in both houses, the two houses are feuding with each over budgetary issues. As a result, the President of the State Senate has blocked action on all bills that have been passed by the House. That includes HB 951, which eliminates the state income tax check-off for political parties, and which has already passed the House. Although it has also passed a Senate Committee, on June 27 the bill, along with all other House bills that the Senate is now considering, was sent back to the Rules Committee.

It is difficult to predict if the intra-house squabble will be resolved before the legislature adjourns.

The provision for a state income tax check-off has been very helpful to the Libertarian Party. Taxpayers have been free to choose any qualified party to assist, and the party received over $90,000 last year.

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