Opponents of Arizona HB 2305 File Paperwork to Begin Collecting Signatures on Referendum Petition

On July 1, opponents of Arizona’s HB 2305 filed paperwork to start circulating a referendum petition. If the petition gets 86,405 valid signatures by September 12, 2013, it cannot go into effect until the voters vote on it. HB 2305 is opposed by Arizona’s three ballot-qualified minor parties because it makes it much more difficult for a member of those parties to get on a primary ballot, and also to be nominated by write-in at their own party’s primary. The bill is opposed by Democrats and organizations of Hispanic voters because it makes it illegal for them to collect voted absentee ballots and turn them in to election officials. It also toughens procedural rules for initiative petitions, and makes it more difficult for voters to remain on the permanent list of absentee voters. See this story.

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