Faux Green Party Candidate for County Executive of Nassau County, New York, Drops Out of Race

Phillipp Negron, the 25-year-old nephew of a Nassau County business executive with ties to the Republican Party organization in that county, has dropped out of the race for Nassau County Executive. He had filed to run in the Green Party primary, even though he has never had any contact with activists in the Green Party. Negron withdrew after his petition to be on the Green Party primary ballot was challenged. See this story.


Faux Green Party Candidate for County Executive of Nassau County, New York, Drops Out of Race — No Comments

  1. I was kind of hoping he’d stay in the race and we could reach out to him. Maybe try to convince him to really campaign for the office. Oh well.

  2. Will, you realize he’s clearly a GOP operative trying to spoil the race, right?

  3. We could have fun with that though, if we could convince him to do some campaigning. See if he’s willing to work to get his GOP buddies to all vote for him. I think a properly planned Green campaign can appeal to would be Republicans. It depends on what aspects of the platform you emphasize.

  4. That’s actually true. For instance, the Green Party does have a decent strain of libertarianism to it that might induce more libertarian leaning individuals into voting for a Green under the right circumstances. And then there’s the more common sense aspects of environmentalism, like making sure that pollution stays at safe levels (or end up like Beijing…), and that drinking water remains safe to drink. One could even make a reasonable case for solar panels during the summer. After all, why not use some that same energy which causes you to turn on the AC to power said same AC?
    It’s all about how it’s presented, and as a Green myself, this is where I think the Green Party is failing. In order to appeal to the masses, we need less abstract theory (although still occasionally point it out), and more practicality.

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