Greens Win Partisan Elections in New London, Connecticut and Snoe Shoe, Pennsylvania

On November 5, 2013, Mirna Lis Martinez, the Green Party nominee and a member of the Green Party, was elected to the New London, Connecticut, School Board. She was cross-endorsed by the Republican Party. See this story. The election was partisan.

On the same day, another Green nominee, Neil B. Haagen, was elected to the Snow Shoe Borough Council, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Three were to be elected and the only candidates on the ballot were two Republicans and Haagen.


Greens Win Partisan Elections in New London, Connecticut and Snoe Shoe, Pennsylvania — 2 Comments

  1. She received 888 Republican votes and 615 Green votes.

    There was a somewhat surprising vote outside the party vote. There were also 7 city council members elected at large, with 7 Democrats, 7 Republicans, 1 Green, and 1 independent. The 7 Democrats averaged 1517 votes vs. 854 for the 7 Republicans. But the 1st place Republican defeated the 7th place Democrat, by getting 473 (55%) more votes than the average Republican, while the last place Democrat received 14% fewer votes than the average Democrat. This produced a narrow 1328:1305 victory for the Republican for the final seat.

    For the school board, there were 7 Democrats, 2 Republicans, 1 Green-Republican, and 1 independent. It is possible that that Martinez, the fusion candidate lost votes running as a fusion candidate, while overall gaining votes by being listed twice.

    One of the Republican-only candidates received 1220 votes to Martinez’s 888 Republican votes, which suggests that some Republican voters did not vote for her because she was also listed as a Green. Martinez also received fewer Green votes than the Green-only city council candidate, suggesting the possibility that some Green voters skipped her because of being on the Republican ballot.

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