Virginia Minor Party Legislative Election Returns

On November 5, 2013, Virginia held elections for all 100 seats in the lower house of the state legislature. Six Libertarians and three nominees of the Independent Green Party ran in those elections. The unofficial percentages for the Libertarians are: 23rd district, Jonathan Parrish, 22.39% in a two-way race; 33rd district, Patrick Hagerty, 3.39% in a three-party race; 47th district, Laura Delhomme, 22.26% in a two-person race; 53rd district, Anthony G. Telloz, 4.18% in a three-party race; 55th district, Christopher G. Sullivan, 5.54% in a three-party race; 78th district, Dan J. Foster, 3.69% in a three-party race.

The Independent Greens were: 38th district, Jim Leslie, 24.56% in a two-person race; 43rd district, Gail Parker, 25.28% in a two-person race; 49th district, Terrence Modglin, 20.92% in a two-person race.

Although the Constitution Party had petitioned in the 19th district, the nominee, Joshua Ball, did not appear on the ballot. It is unknown if this is because his petition failed, or because he withdrew.


Virginia Minor Party Legislative Election Returns — No Comments

  1. Congratulations to the Independent Greens & the LP on a job well done 🙂

    And I believe Josh dropped out of the race.

  2. Whenever a person votes for a Libertarian Party or Green Party candidate for a lower level office they will be more willing to consider voting for that party’s candidate for another or higher office later. So gradually a familiarity and synergy builds.

  3. I wonder why Lindsay Bolton dropped out in August. She was an LP candidate running against one opponent, a good opportunity missed.

    I wonder if Ball dropped out because he saw it would be a 3 way race at the last minute before the signature deadline? One on one he could have done very well since that was a conservative area and a seat long held by Independent Lacey Putney.

  4. Also there were four IG candidates originally, wonder what the story is on the one who dropped out.

  5. Lindsay Bolton dropped out because she got a job in another state and moved to that other state. The fourth Independent Green Party candidate, Joe Glean in the 44th district, was on the ballot but he decided to use the ballot label “independent” instead of “Independent Green Party”, so I didn’t include him.

  6. One more ANTI-Democracy minority rule election.

    1/2 votes x 1/2 PACK/CRACK gerrymander districts = 1/4 control.

    MUCH worse primary math – producing the robot party hack gerrymander monsters in the Congress and all 50 State legislatures and many local regimes.

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