National Conference of State Legislatures Chart Shows Start Dates for 2014 Legislative Sessions

In most states, legislatures convene this month. The commonest start date among the states is January 13 or January 14. See this chart from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

There are bills to improve ballot access laws pending or expected to be introduced this year in Alabama, California, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. There could be many more states with helpful bills. Now is the time for activists to communicate with state legislators, asking for bills to improve the laws. There are problems with the ballot access laws in most states.


National Conference of State Legislatures Chart Shows Start Dates for 2014 Legislative Sessions — No Comments

  1. Do you REALLY think the cause of fair ballot access in elections can be achieved by speaking to those elected in single-winner elections which create a situation where the chances of a status quo D or R have a 50/50 chance of being elected?

    There is no incentive for working with others and they think everything works fine since it elected their name. They LOVE that and they think it worked great!

    If you want to get fair ballot access you have to fight for fair ballot access for independents and splinter groups.

    Third party chairs are elected in single winner systems too, and they have no incentive for a perpetual vote of confidence. But a large team who is confident in taking turns and switching places from time to time to give each other breaks and rest is the best kind of system on which to build.

    If you want to have fair ballot access, you need to USE and SHOW fair ballot access. The train of thought which says that we must win in a plurality single-winner system in order to change the system to proportional representation is a failed strategy.

    My strategy is to build a big unified team in a unifying voting system and to vote, think and act like a team when making decisions. One person isn’t as strong as 1000 diverse people coordinated and confident under an advanced dynamic voting system.

    The voting is the proof and the tool for change and self-improvement.

    Teamwork requires practice, practice and more practice. If you want pure proportional representation (PR), then you’ll need to practice PR.

    Practice, practice, practice…repetition, repetition, repetition…the team, the team, the TEAM!

    I really don’t buy in to the idea that we can lobby (or fight) pluralists to get PR myself.

    It’s a big enough struggle just to speak to potential allies about the unity and teamwork created through pure proportional representation, much less to fight, sue or lobby Ds and Rs who don’t “buy in” to team work and unity.

    This new unity system generates conciliation and inclusion.

    Conflict, control and “my way or no way” has been engrained into every citizens mind for 225+ years. People accept being rude and vile as being normal in politics. But with ranked choice voting those types gradually lose support and fall from a high to a low ranking by behaving that way. This is accountability with TORQUE!

    I’m looking for people who want to work together, not people with whom to pick fights, not those who will brush off advanced pure proportional representation and who won’t bother to inquire and figure out how 100% guaranteed voter satisfaction through ranked choice consensus or how 99.9% plus 1000 votes in a 1000-member district really does mean and how this does work.

    Check out the 9th USA Parliament as an example and contact us when you want to experience full representation and be part of team players who are diplomatic, ethical and warm.

    I love to talk about it on the phone and I welcome peoples’ questions on what they can do as part of a team.

    In 2012, the 8th USA Parliament had 525 names on our ballot and we elected a team of 619. We’ll always have 100% guaranteed satisfaction in our national elections until we place a cap on our numbers. We’re a lot like Burger King, it’s; “Have it YOUR way!” Everyone is welcomed to the unity and we seek conflict with no one.

    We LOVE Obama and we’d like him to participate as well.

    We want you to join us for free and we’d also love to join with you for free too. As soon you open the door to 100% of the people, be sure to let us know and we’ll be there in line to unite!

    The key is to put everyone on the ballot and split the free speech time equally. Only through ranked choice voting can you have hundreds of names on the ballot, elect teams hundreds in size and make decisions from hundreds of alternatives yet still find prioritization from all the choices beginning with the number 1 every time.

    As long as every ballot uses consecutively ranked numbers the vote counting will always be both finite, perfect and every count of the stack of ballots will get you closer and closer to the perfect results.

    Very truly yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    (831) 383-1409

  2. Over half the states have voluntarily eased their ballot access laws since 1985, because minor party activists successfully lobbied state legislators.

  3. How about getting ANY lawyers with BRAINS —
    regarding the EQUAL in 14th Amdt Sec. 1 ???

    A mere 2014-1968 = 46 LONG years of MORON lawyers in ballot access cases.

    See my comment in the Ohio story above.

  4. I’m 100% certain that far fewer victories have been attained since 1985 because there is no nationally coordinated unifying strategy.

    Instead, self-proclaimed leaders with no interest nor understanding of how to think, vote and act as a team, whose self-appointed “leaders” with no accountability are too busy trying to grab the “power” for themselves and their friends.

    Instead of buying in to a game plan for a big team inclusive of all, the self-proclaimed unelected bosses are too busy censoring, cheating, sabotaging and otherwise dashing legitimate efforts for pure proportional representation (PR).

    They have severely delayed progress for decades because of their own dysfunctional, self-destructive methods, unbending drive towards their selfish goals, sugar-coated the failures with false hope, over-sold, self-promoted their claims with biased information year after year.

    Welcome to the next cycle which started seven days ago. January is the most crucial month of the year and it’s downhill from here with business as usual.

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