North Carolina Supreme Court Hears Redistricting Lawsuit

On January 6, 2014, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dickson v Rucho, 201 PA 12-2. The issue is whether the state’s U.S. House districts, and its state legislative districts, are valid. The lower state court had upheld the districts. The plaintiffs have several arguments, but their most important one is that the Republican majority deliberately put as many African-American voters in certain districts as possible, even to the extent of splitting precinct boundaries. This technique “wastes” Democratic votes, so that the other districts are more likely to choose Republicans.

In November 2012, Republicans won 9 U.S. House seats and Democrats won 4 seats in North Carolina. But Democrats got 2,218,357 votes for U.S. House and Republicans got 2,137,167. Three Libertarians also ran for U.S. House and got 24,142 votes. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the news.


North Carolina Supreme Court Hears Redistricting Lawsuit — No Comments

  1. Gerrymander math for brain dead Judge and lawyer math morons —

    1/2 (or less) votes x 1/2 pack/crack gerrymander districts (aka political concentration camps – think Stalin and Hitler) = 1/4 (or less) CONTROL indirectly.

    REAL minority rule math is much, much, much worse – in robot party hack primaries in the about 95 plus percent ONE party safe seat gerrymander districts.

    Remedy – Proportional Representation in ALL regimes — both majority rule and minority representation.

    Otherwise – Civil WAR II.
    See the gerrymander districts in 1860 producing the horrific Civil WAR I in 1861-1865.

    Earlier – see the *rotten boroughs* in the Brit House of Commons in 1775-1783 — producing the Am. Rev. WAR.

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