American Political Science Association Task Force Issues Report on Causes of Polarization

The American Political Science Association has appointed a task force to study negotiating agreement in politics. A sub-group, charged with investigating the causes and consequences of polarization, has issued this 35-page report. It is authored by Michael Barber and Nolan McCarty.

The report examines various explanations for polarization, including: (1) a polarized electorate; (2) southern realignment; (3) gerrymandering; (4) primary elections; (5) economic inequality; (6) money in politics; (7) media environment; (8) changes internal to Congress, such as rules changes, majority party agenda control, party pressures, and the breakdown of bi-partisan norms.

Michael Barber and Nolan McCarty are both at Princeton University. Barber is a PhD candidate whose dissertation, “Political Ideology, Campaign Contributions, and Legislative Polarization” is in the process of becoming a book. McCarthy is a political science professor and has written the book, “Polarized America: the Dance of Political Ideology and Unequal Riches”. He is the author of several other books as well.

The conclusion to the APSA sub-group study includes this sentence: “The evidence undermines the common arguments that reforming legislative districting or primary elections will materially reduce polarization.” Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


American Political Science Association Task Force Issues Report on Causes of Polarization — No Comments

  1. 100 percent PACK/CRACK gerrymander districts.

    The extremist polarized robot party hack voters in the PACK/CRACK districts nominate the extremist robot party hacks who later get elected – esp. in the about 95 plus percent one party SAFE SEAT districts – aka CONCENTRATION CAMPS – with or without barbed wire / electric fences

    — think the Stalin/Hitler slave/death camps.

    1/2 votes x 1/2 districts = 1/4 control.

    Much, much, much worse primary math.

    How soon before Civil W-A-R II — esp. between the LOOTERS versus the Tax Slaves ???
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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