Ohio Asks Sixth Circuit to Remove Minor Parties from 2014 Ballot

On January 10, Ohio filed a notice of appeal in Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted. The state hopes the Sixth Circuit will reverse the U.S. District Court order of January 7, and remove the qualified minor parties.


Ohio Asks Sixth Circuit to Remove Minor Parties from 2014 Ballot — No Comments

  1. “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”. -Princess Leia, Star Wars Episode IV.

    Replace star systems with voters, and you get why what Ohio’s Establishment (and in a general sense both parties nation-wide) is trying to do is folly in the long term. They might win 2014 that way, but people are starting to wake up and smell the corruption in the Democratic and Republican Parties. Most reasonable people aren’t opposed to free speech, and the Establishment radicals will soon find themselves massively outnumbered by the people that want minor parties to have a fair chance.


    The Republicrats in Ohio are hell-bent on excluding third-parties from the ballot and will take it all the way to the SCOTUS

  3. Not so much Republicrats and Republicans. Not one Democrat voted for this insane bill in Ohio–not one. A few Republicans also didn’t vote for it. In the Ohio Assembly hearings that took nearly three weeks, NOT ONE person spoke in favor of this bill. Yet, there was a steady flow of people from ALL areas of the political spectrum that voiced their opinion against this bill. And after getting beat by the LPO THREE times in the past 7 years, do you think the GOP in Ohio would call us in and try to work it out ahead of time? Of course not. They want us dead, they want voter freedom reduced, and they will stop at nothing. And let’s not forget how they gerrymandered the Democrats out of power also in Ohio. We have ONE-PARTY rule in Ohio now.

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