Michigan’s Republican Governor and Key Republican Legislators Refuse to Rule Out Changing Electoral College Rules

This Detroit Free Press article says that Michigan’s Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, and key Republican legislative leaders, refused to disavoy the idea that the Republican-majority legislature might pass a bill, letting each U.S. House district choose its own presidential elector. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.

The article should have mentioned that Michigan has a referendum process, and if such a bill passed, the Democratic Party of Michigan and its allies are capable to qualifying a referendum vote on the bill.


Michigan’s Republican Governor and Key Republican Legislators Refuse to Rule Out Changing Electoral College Rules — No Comments

  1. I have the same comment as on the Oklahoma Bill.

    Wow! Destroy 200 years of electoral process because you lost two elections to a black man. They didn’t do it when a white Democrat, Clinton, won two elections.

  2. Since the robot party hacks have made the USA into a de facto Monarchy (in the person of the Prez), it is NO surprise that desparate party hacks will do desparate machinations to get POWER.

    Nothing new for 6,000 plus years.

    1/2 or less votes x gerrymander areas having a bare majority of the E.C. votes (538) = about 1/4 or less will control the USA [some more].

    Which bunch of gangster gerrymander monsters will the more EVIL E.C. votes schemes in the States/DC that they control now until Election Day 2016 ??? The EVIL Donkeys or EVIL Elephants.

    — i.e. to possibly directly cause Civil WAR II.

    The E.C. was 1 more EVIL compromise at the top secret 1787 Federal Convention — due to the machinations of the small States and the EVIL slave States.

    The EVIL lives on and on at every Prez/VP timebomb election.
    1860 – timebomb went off. 750,000 DEAD in 1861-1865.
    Timebomb was reset — ticking away since.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. Typos – 1st para – robot party hacks [in SCOTUS].

    3rd para – gangster gerrymander monsters will [make] the more EVIL etc.
    See the ROT of the Roman Republic in 120 BC to 27 BC – civil wars, tyrants, purges, counter-purges – until the killer tyrant Augustus Caesar took over (after a final civil war).

  4. It is likely that when the Founding Fathers established the Electoral College, they expected the state legislatures to choose the electors. Having voters choose the Electoral College is clearly more democratic.

    Choosing Presidential Electors by Congressional District would more completely represent the voters, just as electing Congressmen by District allows minorities in the states to be represented. If we elected members of Congress at large, it would be obvious that a congressional district system would be fairer representation,

    What is needed is a federal law providing that every state would select Presidential electors from districts, or by proportional representation. That would ensure that minorities in each state have representation.

  5. Selecting Electors and Congressmen by proportion would be the most fair way of doing it. Far more fair than selecting them by single elector/congressman districts.

  6. Whats really racist is the fact that one or two cities full of blacks can determine the vote for the rest of the state. These blacks choose to congregate in one area and therefore should only be able to affect the vote in one area.

  7. The three states most closely associated with the Founding Fathers, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, all had popular elections to choose their presidential electors.

  8. A survey of Michigan voters showed 73% overall support for a national popular vote for President.

    Support was 73% among independents, 78% among Democrats, and 68% among Republicans.

    By age, support was 77% among 18-29 year olds, 67% among 30-45 year olds, 74% among 46-65 year olds, and 75% for those older than 65.

    By gender, support was 86% among women and 59% among men.

    On December 11, 2008, The Michigan House of Representatives passed the National Popular Vote bill (HB 6610) by a 65-36 margin.


  9. An analysis of the whole number proportional plan and congressional district systems of awarding electoral votes, evaluated the systems “on the basis of whether they promote majority rule, make elections more nationally competitive, reduce incentives for partisan machinations, and make all votes count equally. . . .

    Awarding electoral votes by a proportional or congressional district [used by Maine and Nebraska] method fails to promote majority rule, greater competitiveness or voter equality. Pursued at a state level, both reforms dramatically increase incentives for partisan machinations. If done nationally, the congressional district system has a sharp partisan tilt toward the Republican Party, while the whole number proportional system sharply increases the odds of no candidate getting the majority of electoral votes needed, leading to the selection of the president by the U.S. House of Representatives.

    For states seeking to exercise their responsibility under the U.S. Constitution to choose a method of allocating electoral votes that best serves their state’s interest and that of the national interest, both alternatives fall far short of the National Popular Vote plan . . .”


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