1787 Party Will Attempt to Petition for Party Status in Texas This Year

The 1787 Party has notified the Texas Secretary of State that it will attempt to qualify for the 2014 ballot. That will take 49,729 valid signatures of voters who did not vote in the March 2014 primary. The petitioning period starts in March and ends on May 20.

The founder of The 1787 Party, Emily Mathews, now lives in New York, but she earlier lived in Texas and ran for public office in Texas. According to the party’s web page, www.1787foramerica.org, the party will try to get on the ballot in at least two other states besides Texas in 2014.

Other groups that filed the notice are: Constitution, Christian, Compassion, and “People of Purple Interdependently Thinking Reform.”


1787 Party Will Attempt to Petition for Party Status in Texas This Year — No Comments

  1. The notice is that the party intends to nominate by convention (Election Code 181.0041). Candidates for nomination must (have) file(d) in December, and the party filed the names of the candidates with the Secretary of State. If they don’t have candidates, the petition is a waste of time.

    In addition, party rules must be filed with the Secretary of State, and posted on the party’s website.

    Texas now permits voters to pre-register (affiliate) with a political party prior to the precinct conventions, and this may be done electronically. It is not clear whether someone who pre-registers but does not attend a convention may be counted as an attendee (or a signer of the supplementary petition).

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