Washington Post Suggests That District of Columbia Primaries Should Use Instant Runoff Voting — No Comments

  1. The solution for solving fair elections is simple. But IRV is not it because when the Rs learn that the Ds will always win they’ll retaliate with a different plan and it will go back and forth in much the same way that creates a two-party system.

    Meanwhile, the third parties and independents will try law suits, a la Ralph Nader, because they don’t know how proportional representation really works.

    Are you tired of the back and forth nature of plurality elections in single winner districts? Try pure proportional representation (PR)!

    The 9th USA Parliament has been using it for 19 consecutive years and it works great! Why do you THINK they called it Google 16 years ago? Google wants the juice, but they never got it. The 9th USA Parliament has the juice!

  2. All elections that use IRV will render the participants dysfunctional and unable to unite Richard. The mathematics of IRV will attract single-winner district power-grabbers and egomaniacs who are not interested in coordinating as a team. IRV will attract and empower people who promote the concept that they alone are better than everyone else instead of team unity and team psychology.

    Only through the Hagnebach-Biscoff method, Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts will you find team psychology and accountability with torque.

    By electing names in multi-winner districts, including executives as a team who are subject to a 365-day a year vote of confidence, can you ever find the perfect election system that encourages, teamwork, conciliation, accountability and guaranteed voter satisfaction levels of up to 100%.

    All elections can and should use this without any exceptions. By supporting any other alternative you’re assuring the defeat of the correct method, prolonging conflict and dysfunction.

  3. Just look at SF, where the city is divided into eleven single-winner districts, where the Ds are assured of victory in every election.

    Now apply that to political parties and you’ll see that the biggest majority will always win disproportionately more times in IRV, and smaller independent factions or dissenters will be completely stripped of any voice in that political party.

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