Several Interesting Election Law Bills Introduced in Arizona

Arizona legislators tend to be more interested in election law than legislators in most other states. The 2014 session contains these election law bills, all of which are somewhat innovative:

1. HCR 2011, a proposed state constitutional amendment, would let ballot-qualified parties choose to nominate by convention, instead of primary, if they wish. It is sponsored by Representative Carl Seel (R-Phoenix).

2. HCR 2012, another constitutional amendment, would alter legislative elections for the State House. Currently each district elects two members. The proposal would double the number of State House districts from 30 to 60, and provide that each district elect a single member. It is sponsored by Representatives Thomas Shope (R-Coolidge), Mark Cardenas (D-Phoenix), and Bruce Wheeler (D-Tucson).

3. HB 2364 would let any local government use ranked choice voting, and would also require that all vote-counting equipment be able to handle ranked choice voting. The sponsor is Representative Juan Mendez (D-Tempe).

4. HB 2344 would provide that candidates for U.S. Senate could be placed on the November ballot if the state legislature nominates them. The bill would not end the normal method for individuals to run for U.S. Senate, but would provide this new procedure. It has 7 sponsors.


Several Interesting Election Law Bills Introduced in Arizona — No Comments

  1. HCR2011 PROBLEM- What if the convention is simply bought off?

    HCR2012 is not bad but any CON-CON is VERY BAD.

    HB2344 is another way for the greedy SOB elected officials to sell their nominee and a bad idea.

  2. HCR2011 – This is good. The parties should be able to nominate their candidates. I would like to see this opened up for registered independents as well. Those choosing not to affiliate with a party should also have the ability to nominate an independent to the ballot.

    HCR2012 – Wash.

    HB2364 – YES! YES! YES!

    HB2344 – I don’t like the idea of the state legislature holding any sway.

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