Nader Withdraws $1,100,000 from PNC Bank Accounts, to Protest Bank’s Premature Seizure to Benefit 2004 Challengers to His Petition

This January 4, 2014 Pittsburgh Post Gazette story says that Ralph Nader recently withdrew all of his funds out of PNC Bank, amounting to almost $1,100,000. Nader did this because the PNC Bank seized approximately $38,000 of Nader’s funds and gave them to the individuals who challenged his 2004 Pennsylvania ballot access petition. The bank seized the money before Nader’s court challenge to the outcome had even been completed. The money Nader withdrew recently is not his personal property, but the property of various non-profit organizations directed by Nader.

The story says that Nader recently learned that the same law firm that represented the challengers to his petition, is also the law firm for PNC Bank. The bank is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and is the sixth largest bank in the United States. It has branches in 19 states and the District of Columbia. “PNC” stands for “Pittsburgh National Corporation.” Thanks to Eric Davin for the link.

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