Quinnipiac Poll for 2016 Presidential General Election

On January 21, Quinnipiac Polls released a poll for the presidential election of 2016, assuming that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and Chris Christie is the Republican nominee. Respondents were merely asked whether they would vote for one or the other, without acknowledging that the respondent might wish to vote for someone else. The results: 46% Clinton, 38% Christie, 3% volunteered that they would vote for someone else; 5% said they wouldn’t vote; 9% said they didn’t know. Here are the results; scroll down to question seven. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.


Quinnipiac Poll for 2016 Presidential General Election — No Comments

  1. Well, despite the rigged nature of the poll and how far out it is, it seems that there could be anywhere from 3 to 17 percent of voters that might vote for third party or independent candidates. I hope Snowden, Greenwald and others like them keep up the pressure, otherwise around 98 percent of voters are liable to forget yet again what abuses have been uncovered and vote for the very same parties that committed them.
    5% of the vote for either of the most likely parties to achieve it (the Libertarians and the Greens) would send a message, and both meeting that threshold would send an even greater message. That’s still within the spread that this poll indirectly indicates.
    I just hope the independent news media can inform enough rational minded people, because the mainstream is likely to continue its near blackout of alternative candidates.

  2. The SCOTUS party hacks (appointed by robot party hack Prezs) have made the USA regime into a de facto monarchy LAWLESS tyrant system.

    Thus the nonstop building up of the latest Prez demagogues — years in advance of the next gerrymander Prez election.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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