Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee Passes Changes that Require Delegates to Have Been Chosen by May

On January 23, the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee passed some changes to the party’s presidential nomination process. The rules require that all delegates must have been chosen by 45 days before the start of the convention. Because it is expected that the next Republican national convention will be in June or July, this change means that presidential primaries in June cannot be used to choose delegates.

The date of the convention itself won’t be set for several more months.

It will be interesting to see what the Republican Party does about states that hold presidential primaries in June, especially the populous states of New Jersey and California. Republican legislators may try to move the primary dates, although both of those two states have Democratic majorities in the legislature. Otherwise Republicans in those two states will choose delegates via caucuses, and the presidential primaries will just be beauty contests. See this story. The full Republican National Committee will decide on January 24 whether to accept the recommendations of the Rules Committee.


Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee Passes Changes that Require Delegates to Have Been Chosen by May — No Comments

  1. Abolish the EVIL super dangerous Electoral College and ALL the EVIL robot party hack machinations regarding the E.C.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

    Stop the DEVIL robot party hacks before THEY start Civil WAR II – See 1860-1861 after a long buildup since 1820.

    Current buildup since 1929.

  2. In 2008, both California and New Jersey held February presidential primaries.

    California should move its general primary to September, like it used to be, and hold the presidential primary in the spring.

  3. California primary dates were only in September in 1912 and 1920, and were otherwise in August, in years before 1944.

    If having two primaries is such a good idea, why doesn’t your state, Texas, use that idea? It is ridiculous that Texas has its primary for all office, not just president, in March. That forces candidates for Congress to file in the year before the election, a horrible idea.

  4. California should return to the separate late summer primary. Since it is no longer a partisan contest, September would be better than August (the extra month was supposedly so intra-party divisions could be healed).

    At that time, the California presidential primary was in May,

    A June primary is too early for state and local elections, and too late for a presidential primary.

    Congress should require that no congressional election activity, including filing or signature collection occur more than 6 months before the election; and permit a Top 2 Open primary held after September 1 to be decisive.

  5. I guess we’ll see a June 2016 convention, according to CNN. States like Montana, will do what they always seem to do which is to ignore the Republican primary vote and just appoint those delegates based on donations and the good old boy network.

  6. States have June primaries (president and others) to save money. In 1984, Reps. had the convention in Dallas in June. Richard, Is it true that the police arrested communist college students from the CPUSA for burning the flag? That led to the Supreme Court case in 1988.

  7. #1: The Civil War was about tariffs! Money, money, money! The Morrill Tariff hurt the South. The South was going to set up low-tariff ports for British goods, and the South would not have taxed tobacco and cotton.

  8. The party hacks who split the Donkeys in 1860 had their effects —
    Lincoln getting about 40 (repeat 40) percent of the total Prez popular votes.

    Count the DEAD in 1861-1865 — about 750,000 on both sides — with multi-thousands maimed for life –
    no eyes, hands, feet, arms, legs.

    The EVIL party hacks kept the EVIL timebomb E.C.

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